IMP.A.C. 56 SA-100

Semi-automatic filling machine for jerrycans and small drums

Max Production: 80 jerrycans/h with 5 liter jerrycans
50 jerrycans/h with 25 liter jerrycans


The semi-automatic filling system is ideal when filling chemical products and similar in 60 litres small or 5, 10 and 25 litres tanks. The system consist in a vertical regulable nozzle, that provides to fill each single container. The weighting base equipped with load-cells monitors the weight during the filling. The operator have to push just one button to have the cycle started, while the filling and the end of the cycle is automatic. Aspiration for fumes is available on request.

Container type
Small drums, Tanks
Container weight
Max. 100 Kg
Min. 2 Kg
Container size
Ø 400 mm
Nozzle height regulation
450 mm
10 g
Production time = cycle time + Filling Time (FT)
20 s + TR
Compressed air consumption
60 l/min
Air pressure
6 bar
Containers motion
Manual or Motorized
Net total weight
600 Kg
Installed power (in case of IP 55 protection)
0,3 KW - 230 V
Installed power (in case of ATEX zone 1 protection)
0,2 KW - 24 V