IMP.A.C. Robotex 125 A-SA

Robotic bag palletizer with vertical arm and built-in semiautomatic wrapping machine

Max Production: 300 bags/h


The Robotex IMP.A.C. 125 A-SA has been realized to solve problems common to many users and exactly
1. possibility of palletising each kind of bag with different sizes and weights, from 5 to 50 Kg, utilising the same equipment.
2. possibility of palletising and wrapping the pallet at the same time giving stability to the load and  of palletising instable and slippery bags.
3. Possibility of installing this palletiser in restricted spaces because the overall dimensions are reduced (4000×2400 mm).
4. Possibility of utilising in production lines for standard or peculiar products with  a capacity  up to 300 b/h.
The key part of the machine is the pliers that take the bags. This plier totally encloses the bag, enabling the operation with each kind of bag ( paper, jute, plastic,  valve, sewn bags, electro welded bags) even with the most difficult bags, like half-empty ones, bags filled with very low viscosity products (water). The pliers is completed with integrated bag pressing device The bag, coming from  an upstream line, is pressed to become even and compact, then it goes to a positioning station to be drawed by the pliers that picks up the bag. The bag is picked up, oriented and pressed on the pallet following the preset program. The cycle will repeat itself until the finishing of the  pallet that will be emptied and replaced, to begin a new cycle. The movement system is with Cartesian axes and the positioning check has made by encoders. All the movements synchronisms are coordinated by a programmable modular system (PLC). The machine can be programmed to palletise bags of different dimensions, formations and layers number.

Bag size
Max. 1000 x 500 x h. 250 mm
Min. 300 x 200 x h. 60 mm
Pallet size
Max. 1300 x 1200 x h. 140 mm
Min. 800 x 600 x h. 100 mm
Layer size
Max. 1400 x 1250 mm
Standard full pallet height
1600 mm
Full pallet max. weight
2000 Kg
240-300 sacchi/h
Installed power
5,5 KW
Air pressure
6 bar
Compressed air consumption
100 Nl/min
Control voltage
24 V
Indicative weight
4000 Kg

componentistica e conformità norme ATEX
verniciatura a spessore con vernici speciali
struttura macchina interamente in acciaio INOX
componentistica anticorrosione
macchina più larga o più alta per bancali con dimensioni non standard
mettifalda tra gli strati
palettizzazione su foglio di plastica moplen
regolazione automatica pressa
modulo di teleassistenza remota