Self-adjusting multi-pallet high level bag palletizer with 2 or more queuing lines and moving pallet

Max Production: 1100 bags/h


The multi-pallet model IMP.A.C. 13 AMP can palletize the product from up to 5 separate bagging lines at a maximum combined rate of 900 bag/h. The palletizer is supplied with holding conveyors, one for each product, which accumulate the number of bags required for a complete pallet. When a holding conveyor has accumulated the preset number of bags, it transfers the bags into the palletizer. The palletizer adjusts automatically to handle the bag dimensions from the particular conveyor. Each incoming bag is flattened to a uniform compacted height, orientated, and then transferred to the layer preforming section. Each completed layer is then transferred to the loading station where a sliding gate opens and deposits it onto the pallet. The pallet is lowered automatically, each time a layer has been deposited. When a pallet has received the preset number of layers, it is automatically transferred to a holding conveyor, and an empty pallet is simultaneously moved into the loading zone. The entire operation is controlled by a PLC, which can be programmed to palletize bags of different dimensions, layers patterns and number of layers.

Bag size
Max. 1100 x 550 x h. 250 mm
Min. 300 x 150 x h. 60 mm
Pallet size
Max. 1300 x 1200 x h. 140 mm
Min. 1000 x 800 x h. 100 mm
Standard full pallet height
Max. 1400 x 1250 mm
Standard full pallet height
1600 mm
Max full pallet weight
2000 Kg
4 strati/min con limite di 1100 sacchi/h
Installed power
13,5 KW
Air pressure
6 bar
Compressed air consumption
100 Nl/min
Control voltage
24 V
Indicative weight
10500 Kg

– componentistica e conformità norme ATEX
– verniciatura a spessore con vernici speciali
– struttura macchina interamente in acciaio INOX
– componentistica anticorrosione
– macchina più larga o più alta per bancali con dimensioni non standard
– mettifalda tra gli strati
– palettizzazione su foglio di plastica moplen
– regolazione automatica pressa
– modulo di teleassistenza remota