IMP.A.C. Stretch A 60

Automatic pallet hooder with elastic tubular film reel

Max Production: 60 palett/h


The hooder model IMP.A.C. STRETCH A-60 achieves the maximum pallet protection and stabilization by stretching the hood just under the pallet. Due to its high working capacity (max. 60 pallet/h) it fits with high productivity lines. Hooding works also with very unstable pallets which can’t be dealt with spiral wrapping. The film is used according to cold extension technique. The machine self adjusts to each pallet’s height, making optimized lenght hoods.
The main working cycle steps are :
1.   pallet infeeding
2.   film unwinding
3.   tubular film spreading and four points gripping
4.   film cutting and welding to make a hood with optimized lenght for the current pallet
5.   film mechanical frilling with powered wheels in the four angles
6.   hood laying with shape control with mobile carriage descent
7.   hood releasing under the pallet
8.   pallet unloading

Pallet size
Max. 1200 x 1200 mm
Full pallet height
Max. 2100 mm
Min.300 mm
Max. pallet weight
Max. 200Kg
Film type
Elastic tubular accordion-type
Film thickness
Max. 200 micron
Min.80 micron
Working capacity
60 palett/h
Installed power
11 KW
Air pressure
6 bar
Compressed air consumption
150 Nl/min
Control voltage
24 V
Indicative weight
5500 Kg

componentistica e conformità norme ATEX
verniciatura a spessore con vernici speciali
struttura macchina interamente in acciaio INOX
componentistica anticorrosione
macchina più larga o più alta per bancali con dimensioni non standard
mettifalda tra gli strati
palettizzazione su foglio di plastica moplen
regolazione automatica pressa
modulo di teleassistenza remota