Automatic wrapping machine with rotating motorized roller conveyor

Max Production: 40 Palett/h


The stretch-wrapper PR/A solves the problem of spiral wrapping in all medium throughput installations (max.40 pallets/h). The cycle is fully automatic thus no operator is requested. The replacement of the empty film reel with a new one is manual. If the film reel ends during the cycle, the machine itself automatically and immediatly stops allowing the film reel replacement.
On request the main accessories available are:
– pre-stretch unwinder to optimize the film tension and consumption
– pressing top platen to stabilize the pallet during the wrapping
– pallet lifter to wrap the pallet up to the lower edge
– tray shaper device to protect the lower part of the pallet
– higher column machine to wrap pallets of requested height
– configuration for holed film wrapping
– pallet exit direction perpendicular to the infeeding direction.

Max. pallet size
Max. 1300 x 1250 mm
Max capacity
40 palette/h
Standard pallet height
2200 mm
Max. pallet weight
2000 Kg
Installed power
2,5 KW
Air pressure
6 bar
Compressed air absorption
70 Nl/min
Control voltage
24 V
Indicative weight
2000 Kg

componentistica e conformità norme ATEX
verniciatura a spessore con vernici speciali
struttura macchina interamente in acciaio INOX
componentistica anticorrosione
macchina più larga o più alta per bancali con dimensioni non standard
mettifalda tra gli strati
palettizzazione su foglio di plastica moplen
regolazione automatica pressa
modulo di teleassistenza remota