IMP.A.C. 95 SA 20

Semiautomatic Big-Bag weighing and filling system with forks

Max Production: 20 Big-Bag/h


The system IMP.A.C. 95-SA20 for Big-Bag weighing and filling, is a semiautomatic machine for the outputs up to 20 Big-Bag/h, the main features are: -simplicity and easy of use; -mobility because it can be handled by the trolley. This equipment is utilised in the workshops where you have to weigh and fill Big-Bag with various kind of products of different granulometries (hardening, sand, granules, pebbles and so on), with possibility of movement from a place to another one of the store. The empty big bag is hanged up to the hangers by the operator who provides to thread the four support bails and to fix the mouth to the hopper manifold. Now the system is ready to start the weighing and filling cycle through the start push button. A system with loading cells checks the weight and at the preset value reaching, the filling valve closes and the Big-Bag is ready to be unloaded using the trolley with the standard forks. After the unloading the system is ready to start a new filling cycle.

Max capacity
15-20 Big-Bag/h
Big-Bag weight
Max. 2000 Kg
Min. 5 Kg
Tolerance over 10 weighings
+/- 0,3%
Max Big-Bag size
1100 x 1100 H=1800 mm
Support system
Hanged by 4 braces
Weighing system
Load cells IP67
Power supply voltage
220 V
Installed power
0,1 KW
Air pressure
6 bar
Compressed air consumption
50 l/min
Approximate weight
1000 Kg