IMP.A.C. 95 SA 20 L

Semiautomatic Big-Bag weighing and filling system with hydraulic platform

Max Production: 20 Big-Bag/h


The Big-Bag weighing and filling system IMP.A.C. 95-SA20/L is a semi-automatic machine fit for evey environment that needs medium-high troughput of 15-20 Big-Bag/h. The machine combines simplicity and pragmatism to some automation degree because is provided of PLC. Indeed the steps of filling, unhook and handling of the pallet with the big-Bag, can be completly automatic. The machine is provided of adjustments to fit with every kind of Big-Bag. Usually the position of the machine is fix.

The main functioning cycle steps are:
– empty pallet get positioned on the hydraulic platform manually
– the operator pushes the button for hooks to come out
– the operator hangs the empty Big-Bag by putting on the four suspenders on the hooks
– the operator pulls on the Big-Bag mouth on the filling mouth and command the pneumatic locking
– the operator pushes the start button
– the empty Big-Bag get stretched by an air flow
– the filling valve opens and product flows into the Big-Bag
– load cells check the weight
– once the weight setted in the current PLC program is reached, in-feeding stops and filling valve shuts
– the operator pushes the button for pneumatic release of the Big-Bag mouth
– the operator takes off the Big-Bag mouth from the filling mouth and close the Big-Bag mouth
– the operator pushes the evacuation button
– hydraulic platform goes up till big-bag is completly backed, freeing suspenders from load
– pneumatic hooks withdraw so suspenders are completly free
– hydraulic platform goes down
– full pallet get evacueted manually by forklift
– the system is ready for a new cycle

The system can be finished with many accessories, among them:
– product in-feeding system with screw conveyor

Max capacity
15-20 Big-Bag/h
Big-Bag weight
Max. 2000 Kg
Min. 5 Kg
Tolerance over 10 weighings
+/- 0,3%
Max Big-Bag size
1100 x 1100 H=1800 mm
Support system
Hanged by 4 braces
Weighing system
Load cells IP67
Power supply voltage
380 V
Installed power
2 KW
Air pressure
6 bar
Compressed air consumption
70 l/min
Approximate weight
2000 Kg

componentistica e conformità norme ATEX
verniciatura a spessore con vernici speciali
struttura macchina interamente in acciaio INOX
componentistica anticorrosione
macchina più larga o più alta per bancali con dimensioni non standard
mettifalda tra gli strati
palettizzazione su foglio di plastica moplen
regolazione automatica pressa
modulo di teleassistenza remota