IMP.A.C. 11 AV

High level bag palletizer for high capacity with moving pallet

Max Production: 1700 bags/h


The model 11/AV can palletize bags from 50 Kg to 2 Kg at the rate of 1500 to 1700 bag/h. Each incoming bag is flattened to a uniform compacted height, orientated, and then transferred to the layer preforming section. Each completed layer is then transferred to the loading station where a sliding gate opens and deposits it onto the pallet. The pallet is lowered automatically, each time a layer has been deposited. When a pallet has received the preset number of layers, it is automatically transferred to a holding conveyor, and an empty pallet is simultaneously moved into the loading zone. The entire operation is controlled by a PLC, which can be programmed to palletize bags of different dimensions, layers patterns and number of layers.

Bag size
Max. 1100 x 550 x h. 250 mm
Min. 300 x 150 x h. 60 mm
Pallet size
Max. 1300 x 1200 x h. 140 mm
Min. 1000 x 800 x h. 100 mm
Layer size
Max. 1400 x 1250 mm
Standard full pallet height
1600 mm
Full pallet max weight
2000 Kg
6 strati/min with limit di 1700 bags/h
Installed power
13,5 KW
Air pressure
6 bar
Compressed air absorption
100 Nl/min
Control voltage
24 V
Indicative weight
12000 Kg

components and compliance with ATEX standards

thick painting with special paints

machine structure entirely in stainless steel

anti-corrosion components

larger or higher machine for pallets with non-standard dimensions

place it between the layers

palletizing on moplen plastic sheet

automatic press adjustment

remote remote assistance module